required arguments in []

CONFIG (commands require user to have admin)

  • whitelist [on/off] - Whitelists a channel for the auto generation function.

  • log [on/off] - Allows Jom to read and record messages from the channel into its database.

  • blockmentions [on/off] - Turns off Joms ability to mention users in its messages.

  • Probability [1-100] - Allows the user to change the response chance of the auto message system

  • MAIN

  • help - Displays the current message.

  • invite - Sends the user who triggered the command an invite link for the bot.

  • support - Sends an invite link to the support server.

  • privacy - Sends a link to the bots privacy policy.


  • trigger or t - Causes Jom to send a message.

  • impact or i - Causes Jom to send an AI generated impact meme.

  • tts or s - Causes jom to send an MP3 text to speech file.

  • old or o - Causes jom to send a message using its old text generation system. (makes messages much more chaotic)